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ISBN: 9780008129408
Publisher: HarperCollins
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Product Description

Your Life provides the only whole school solution for combining Citizenship and PSHE at Key Stage 3 and 4. The fourth editions of this bestselling series contains extensive materials on Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability.

Section 1: Personal wellbeing
1. Developing your identity and image
A sense of identity
Behaviour and self-image

2. Managing your emotions and moods
How do you manage how you feel?

3. Changing relationships
Friends and family
Exploring love

4. Coping with crises
Separation and divorce
Leaving home

5. Thinking ahead - planning your future
Assessing your skills and investigating careers
Why work experience
Getting started on work experience

Section 2: Social education
6. Britain - a diverse society
How did Britain begin
Is there a national identity and culture in Britain
Is Britain racist?

7. Human rights
What are human rights?
What are responsibilities?

8. Rights and responsibilities
Parental responsibility
What is work?/The law at work
Consumers and traders

9. Challenging offensive behaviour
Understanding prejudice
Fighting discrimination

Section 3: Keeping healthy
10. Healthy eating
Eating and body shape
Healthy eating and junk food

11. Safer sex and contraception
What is the right time to have sex?
Practising safer sex

12. Drinking and smoking
Understanding why people drink and smoke

13. Health matters
Keeping healthy
Healthcare check

Section 4: Citizenship
14. The law of the land
What is the law?/Making the law
Civil law and criminal law

15. Crimes and punishment
Criminal responsibility
The Youth Justice system
Punishment and sentencing

16. It's your government
The UK Parliament
Government Finance
Voting and elections

17. It's your council
Local government

18. Working for change
How can you change things
National Pressure groups
Youth Projects

Section 5: Citizenship - Economic and financial capability
19. Managing your money
How to manage your finances

20. Financing businesses
Money for businesses
Business cost and budgeting

21. Enterprise challenge
What is an enterprise challenge?
Making a business plan

Section 6: Reviewing
22. Reviewing and recording learning

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