YCT Standard Activity Book 6  - Su Yingxia - 9787040486117 -  Higher Education Publishing House

YCT Standard Activity Book 6 - Su Yingxia - 9787040486117 -  Higher Education Publishing House

ISBN: 9787040486117
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Product Description

Publication Year: 2018
ISBN: 9787040486117
Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House 高等教育出版社

Table Content  目录

Lesson 1 我属猴。
   I was born in the year of the monkey
Lesson 2 他数学好极了。
   He’s really good at math
Lesson 3 小鸟正在唱歌。
   The little birds are singing
Lesson 4 你打扫一下房间好吗?
   Can you clean the room please?
Lesson 5 你太马虎了!
   You are so careless!
Lesson 6 你表演什么?
   What role did you play?
Lesson 7 他们不是双胞胎。
   They are not twins
Lesson 8 小鱼被小猫吃了。
   The little fish was eaten by the kitten
Lesson 9 他家搬到动物园附近了。
   He moved house, near the zoo
Lesson 10 月亮离我们多远?
   How far is the moon from us?
Lesson 11 我用帽子换你的盘子。
   Let me swap my hat for your plate
Lesson 12 以后要注意。
   Be more careful in the future
Lesson 13 我爱吃辣的。
   I like spicy food
Lesson 14 有的熊猫一直睡觉。
   Some pandas slept all the time
参考答案 Answers
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