Rules of Court 2012 [PU(A) 205/2012] (As At 5th October 2023) – 9789678930239 – ILBS

Rules of Court 2012 [PU(A) 205/2012] (As At 5th October 2023) – 9789678930239 – ILBS

ISBN: 9789678930239
Publisher: ILBS
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Product Description

Rules Of Court 2012 [PU(A) 205/2012] [As At 5th October 2023] Detailed Contents Of Rules Of Court 2012 [PU(A) 205/2012] : The Rules of Court Act 2012 is a legislation in Malaysia that governs the procedures and practices of the courts in the country. Here is an overview of the Act as at 15th August 2022: Part I: Preliminary This part provides the title, interpretation, and application of the Act. It defines the terms used in the Act and sets out the general scope of the Act. Part II: Rules Committees This part establishes the Rules Committees, which are responsible for making, amending, and revoking the rules of court. There are three Rules Committees, namely the Rules Committee for the Federal Court, the Rules Committee for the Court of Appeal, and the Rules Committee for the High Court. Part III: Rules of Court This part sets out the rules of court that apply to the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal, and the High Court. The rules cover a wide range of matters, including the procedure for initiating legal proceedings, the service of documents, the conduct of trials and hearings, the filing of appeals, and the enforcement of judgments. Part IV: Special Provisions This part contains special provisions that apply to specific types of proceedings, such as criminal proceedings, family proceedings, and bankruptcy proceedings. Part V: Miscellaneous This part contains miscellaneous provisions, including provisions relating to the powers of the court to make orders, the admissibility of evidence, the protection of court officers, and the jurisdiction of the courts. Overall, the Rules of Court Act 2012 is an important piece of legislation that sets out the procedures and practices that must be followed in the courts in Malaysia. It helps to ensure that the courts operate efficiently and fairly, and that the rights of all parties are protected.

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