Principles of Management

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ISBN: 9789671264980
Author: Borges
Publisher: SJ Learning


  • This up-to-date textbook is designed for use by professors and lecturers teaching undergraduate courses in management, MBA programs, Executive programs and related business fields. Principles of Management blends traditional concepts and models of management with some contemporary twists, including a chapter devoted to Islamic management. Students will also like the authors’ use of examples and illustrations from management practices by international as well as local companies.
  • The book features a wide range of student-friendly graphs, charts, tables and exhibits, as well as thorough lists of key terms and discussion questions following each chapter.
  • The book’s authors include faculty members from both public and private universities across Malaysia, many of whom have written extensively in business and related fields. The authors are currently teaching business management courses, they tailored the text for today’s students, taking into account their ethnic diversity as well as their academic and career interests.
  • Readers may wonder why the Malayan Tiger was chosen for the cover of Principles of Management. Well, it’s because this is an important symbol of Malaysian pride and commitment to its cultural heritage, and the Malayan Tiger represents the brave, dynamic approach to modern business management we want students to embrace.

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