Management Challenges for Tomorrow Leaders (6 Edition)

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ISBN: 9789671344026
Author: Pamela S . Lewis
Publisher: SJ Learning


Management: Challenges for Tomorrow’s Leaders by Pamela Lewis, Stephen Goodman, Joseph Michlitsch, and Patricia Fandt provides comprehensive coverage of traditional management theory, focusing on meeting the unique challenges inherent in the dynamic, global environment of business. The title tells the story! The world of business is experiencing changes at an unprecedented pace, becoming more global, more electronic, and more cost- and quality-focused all at once. All of these changes mean new challenges for managers. The applications orientation of this book provides students with an opportunity to apply the material and understand a wide variety of real-world situations. This textbook will help you form a realistic vision of business and the manager’s role in the new millennium. Real-world examples and Internet references keep this text at the forefront of the management field. It is a great foundation for managerial success in the 21st century.

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